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About the Brand Scorecard

The Brand Scorecard is designed to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses understand the key phases to build a stronger and fitter brand.

By completing the scorecard you will have a complete understanding of your brand and identify areas in your brand that you can improve on.

Brand Base

How strong are your brand foundations?

  • Have you created a Brand Roadmap
  • Can you identify your Key Customer Profiles?

The Base Phase Score will help you see where you can improve on the basics of your Brand…Building on a strong base foundations will enable you to rapidly scale your business

Brand Build

Is your brand a performance machine?

We will score you on the fundamentals of Building your Brand.

  • Is your Brand Image consistent across all your channels?
  • Are your Team on-board with the Brand Story.
  • Do you have all the assets to "Pitch" RIGHT NOW!?

The Brand Build Score helps you identify and understand how you can become that Performance Machine.

Brand Peak

Are you keeping up with your brand momentum?

You've created your kick-ass brand but now is the time to keep that drive going.

  • Do you have a YouTube Channel?
  • How can you improve your Audience Retention?

The Brand Peak Score will show your current momentum as a Brand and indicate areas to improve on such as creating your own Podcast or Guest Blogging with Brands that you feel share the same values.

Answer 24 Questions to see how you can improve your brand

Once your score has been calculated our system will produce a Personalised Brand Report outlining your key focus areas and how to improve.

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